Make a difference — one child at a time. Enter or advance your career in special education. Our program prepares you to meet the growing demand of America’s children and youth with disabilities who receive special education services.

Our program prepares students to become professionals in the fields of disability studies and services which include counseling, allied health fields (Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy), case management, human services, and supported employment. Coursework covers the foundation and history of the disability movement. We focus on current research in rehabilitation strategies and processes.

Our programs, accredited by CACREP, prepare students to engage in counseling, research, supervision, and teaching.  We develop counseling professionals who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be highly competent and committed professionals in their specialty area.

Our program offers courses built on the “Scientist-Practitioner” model. We emphasize the integration of the science and practice of counseling psychology. The required coursework includes a full-time, one-year, pre-doctoral internship. 

Develop a fundamental understanding of the core professional values, roles, and activities of counselors and related fields. You will gain knowledge and develop skills for entry-level positions in in interpersonal/relational workforce. The minor can prepare you for graduate education in helping professions such as counseling, clinical psychology, social work, education, and more.


“War Eagle!” is a greeting shared across the Auburn campus and throughout the Auburn Family. The iconic eagle represents the Auburn spirit and the strength that is within all of us. It is therefore fitting that Auburn University’s comprehensive transition program for students with intellectual disabilities be known as EAGLES or Education to Accomplish Growth in Life Experiences for Success!

Last updated: 01/17/2024