Prepare for careers in agriculture through outreach training and field experiences in content areas such as animal science, horticulture, agronomy and soils, agricultural economics, agricultural mechanics, forestry, environmental science and so much more. In Auburn's Agriscience Education program, you will earn a double major in Agriscience Education and Agricultural Science through the Department of Horticulture.

Academic Programs of Study

Career Options

  • Agricultural communications officers

  • Agribusiness consultants

  • Agricultural sales reps and extension agents

  • Marketing professionals

  • Community development officers

  • Natural resource outreach representatives

  • State and local government officials

  • University and community college faculty

  • K-12 educators and more



Christopher Clemons
Associate Professor, Agriscience Education
James Lindner
Alumni Professor, Agriscience Education
Jason McKibben
Assistant Professor, Agriscience Education



Our faculty focus on solving grand challenges in Alabama, the nation, and throughout the world. Both graduate and undergraduate students develop, conduct, and report applied and basic research. Initiatives include: the adoption and diffusion of technological innovations in agriculture; agricultural literacy; agricultural communications; rural community development, sustainability of agricultural resources; international agriculture, and research methods.


All agriscience education students are members of the Future Agricultural Science Teachers (FAST) organization.

Agricultural Ambassadors visit agricultural education classrooms and events throughout the state of Alabama, complete service learning projects, and represent Auburn at local, regional, and national meetings.

MANRRS is a professional development organization for students and professionals in agriculture, natural resources, and other related sciences. MANRRS empowers minorities in agriculture by providing support, networking, academic and professional advancement.


Last updated: 12/18/2023