The T-SEC approach to professional educator certification is for individuals who seek temporary special education certification in grades 6-12 only.  Our T-SEC program offers the five courses, one of the T-SEC requirements for obtaining Class B certification.


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Individuals must have a bachelor’s degree (in any field)

  2. Overall 2.5 GPA of 2.5.

  3. Employment in a grades 6-12 setting

  4. Completion of modules, and

  5. Other requirements that can be found at the Alabama State Department of Education T-SEC forms and information

Course Requirements

Fall Semester

  • RSED 4010 Behavior Management in Special Education
  • RSED 6160 Framework for Collaboration in Special Education
  • RSED 4140 Assessment
    • This course may also be taken in the spring

Summer Semester

  • RSED 5000 Advanced Survey of Exceptionality
  • RSED 5170 Secondary and Transition
Last updated: 01/17/2024