Our graduate certificate for Intervention for Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities allows teachers and educational professionals to access high quality professional development leading to improved educational outcomes for students with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. This certificate meets the significant need within Alabama’s public schools and the region to provide instruction for children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

Although the target audience for this graduate certificate will be special education teachers or those seeking a master’s degree in special education, other appropriate participants include professionals with master’s degrees in other related human service fields.

This program is offered on campus and online.

Certificate Overview

Coursework and course activities will prepare you to implement evidence-based practices for students with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Coursework – 15 hours

RSED 7400 (fall)
RSED 7420 (summer)
RSED 7230 (spring)
RSED 7430 (summer)
RSED 7410 (spring)

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Verified Course Sequence

A verified course sequence is available for applicants who are interested pursing board certification in behavior analysis (BCBA). The SERC department offers on-campus and distance courses that will allow applicants to meet the course requirement for eligibility for the Behavior Analysis Certification Exam. The SERC department does not offer supervision. Students who complete the course sequence will obtain their own supervision outside of the university in order to be eligible to take the Behavior Analysis Certification Exam.

Pass-rate data are not published for sequences with fewer than six first-time candidates in a single year or for sequences within their first four years of operation.

Verified Course Sequence Courses – 24 Hours

RSED 7400/7406 (fall)
RSED 7420/7426 (summer)
RSED 7230/7236 (spring)
RSED 7436/7436 (summer)
RSED 7410/7416 (spring)
RSED 7460/7466 (fall)
RSED 8010/8016 (spring even years)
RSED 8950/8956 (summer odd years)

The verified course sequence can be completed in two years.

Admissions for Verified Course Sequence

Admissions requirements are the same as those for the graduate certificate program described above. Individuals seeking to complete the course sequence will apply to the graduate certificate program and indicate intent to complete the course sequence on the application.

Last updated: 01/17/2024