The Tiger Fit health and fitness assessments program combines student education in a state-of-the-art fitness clinic with outreach efforts in the School of Kinesiology.  The program offers quality health and fitness screenings at an affordable price to the greater Auburn community, while giving students valuable “hands-on” experience in applied exercise technology, exercise physiology, and adult fitness programming. Brooks Mobley, Ph.D., is the director of Tiger Fit.

The program fosters collaborative efforts with departments at Auburn University and with the surrounding medical community to improve prevention strategies for cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, hypertension, and other metabolic diseases. Tiger Fit offers appointments to students, faculty, OLLI members, alumni, and the general public during the academic semesters.

Appointments can be made by calling or e-mailing the Tiger Fit office:


A Tiger Fit assessment includes:

  • Glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol analysis

  • Flexibility test (sit and reach)

  • Strength test (hand grip, body weight squat, and bench press)

  • Balance test

  • Pulmonary function test (treadmill)

  • DEXA body scan (BMI, body fat, and bone mineral density)

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In Tiger Fit, students learn how to properly conduct health and fitness assessments. They understand how to work with different populations and to recognize any health issues of concern. Students study and apply clinical techniques to analyze and improve various health conditions.

Some of the tests used in the Tiger Fit program are: blood lipoprotein analysis; bone mineral density scan; body composition check; pulmonary volumes and function; cardiovascular fitness treadmill; muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. The results of these tests are compiled and given to the individual participant in a complete health and fitness report, including CVD risk assessment and an individualized exercise prescription. Group reports are also available as well as health, fitness, and exercise consultation.


Tiger Fit helps people of all ages and abilities learn more about the their health and achieve their fitness goals. Anyone can make an appointment, which is offered at an affordable price. The assessment takes about an hour and a half and includes the following tests:

  • glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol

  • flexibility, strength, and balance

  • pulmonary function test (treadmill)

  • DEXA body scan (BMI, body fat, and bone mineral density)

Tiger Fit provides these comprehensive tests for anyone interested in starting a safe and effective exercise program.

Last updated: 05/05/2023