The Neuromechanics Research Laboratory (NuRL) and the Warrior Research Center (WRC) combine physiology, biomechanics, engineering, motor control, neurophysiology, functional movement, strength and conditioning, performance optimization and sports medicine to investigate the neuromuscular and
physiological effects of orthopedic and neuromuscular injury with the goal of developing new performance, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation methods. Our work is done with a focus on evidence/science-based practice with the goal of solving real world problems. JoEllen Sefton, Ph.D., LAT, ATC and Professor, is the Director of the NuRLlab and the Auburn’s Warrior Research Center.


The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory (NuRL) under the direction of Dr. JoEllen Sefton focuses on developing evidence-based approaches to improve performance, prevent musculoskeletal injury, and improve treatment and rehabilitation in tactical athletes. Her expertise comes from 25 years in the sports medicine field and a functional training approach to determining the physiology behind injury, treatment, and rehabilitation. View Dr. Sefton’s teams publications on Google Scholar.


The Neuromechanics Research Laboratory engages in outreach with military and tactical
athlete organizations and institutions. It also places licensed, certified athletic trainers (ATs)
and Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) working with Auburn University ROTC to
improve Cadet performance. These ATs continue their graduate education at Auburn
University while serving youth and collegiate athletes in the area. Importantly, these ATs
are often the first-responders on the field when an injury occurs. They help provide a safe
environment for athletes and Soldiers.

The NuRL also works with the Warrior Research Center to provide educational briefings,
training, research, and problem solving to military, law enforcement, and firefighting

At A Glance

Our Team

Philip Agostinelli, MS, CSCS  Doctoral Candidate 
Frances Neal, MS Doctoral Fellow

Nicholas Bordonie, MS - Doctoral Fellow

Katherine Frick, MS, ATC Doctoral Fellow

Adan Vazquez, MS Doctoral Fellow

CPT Ann Robbins, MS Army National Guard Visiting Scholar

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Last updated: 06/30/2023