Interested in becoming an instructional leader or administrator in a K-12 setting? Our program prepares engaged, collaborative, and effective administrators by integrating theory, reflection and applied leadership. This program leads to Alabama Certification (Class A and AA).

Do you want to lead curriculum changes in preK-12, college or university, or other organizational settings? Our program prepares students to serve in a variety of administrative roles in K-12, colleges, universities, and other organizations. Professional educator certification is not available through this program.

Our program provides professional development opportunities for individuals engaged in adult-centered learning and training in a variety of workplaces. Graduates become facilitators who educate, train, manage, retrain, design, deliver or evaluate activities within the global teaching and learning environment.

Our program prepares individuals to work in a variety of professional settings, including universities, governmental agencies, research and evaluation firms, research hospitals, insurance companies, national testing companies, and school systems.

Our program equips students to become educational psychologists, working in a diverse field, studying students, teachers, classrooms, administration, colleges, universities, graduate schools, policies, and theories.

Have you considered working as a higher education administrator? Our program equips students to work in a variety of areas including student affairs, academic affairs, or central administration.

These graduate certificates will prepare you to design and implement student-centered learning environments in an online format. You will gain a theoretical and practical foundation of skills to create online courses.

Last updated: 12/15/2023