M.S. in Adult Education

You can enter the nation’s largest educational enterprise, adult education, with this degree. Rapid changes in technology and the workplace cause individuals to retrain, update, or change careers. You will address issues in training and development as you explore careers such as:

  • A Corporate Trainer

  • College/University Faculty

  • Adult Basic Education Teacher

  • Independent Training Consultant

  • Educational Program Writer and Evaluator

  • An individual who offers sessions through community or educational agencies

  • Evening Adult Classes Teacher

  • Community Leader

  • Author of Self-Help Books

This program is offered on campus only.

Degree Overview

The M.S. degree requires a thesis.

Coursework - 36 credit hours

Our master of science program has four required courses, providing you with great flexibility to create a program that best meets your learning needs. Most students distribute their courses as follows:


  • Internship - 3 hours

  • Practicum - 3 hours

  • Basic Research Methods - 3 hours

  • Thesis - 6 hours


Consult with your advisor to create the most appropriate set of courses for you to complete.

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Last updated: 01/11/2024