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Emmaree Wilson

Emmaree Wilson

  • Instruction Coordinator- Personal and Social

Phone: 334-844-3090
Campus Mail: 282 Thach Concourse Ste 136-E
Office Location: Foy 136-E

Academic Areas

Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education
Educational Leadership
Special Education

Short Bio

Emmaree Wilson, Ed S. is the Personal/Social Instruction Coordinator for the EAGLES Program at Auburn. Wilson, a former special education teacher and head cheerleading coach in Opelika and a graduate of both the SERC and EFLT departments at Auburn University, has a passion for transition, diversity, and inclusion. She loves working directly with EAGLES students and facilitating programmatic initiatives that advance the personal and social development of each student. She uses her past experiences and her collaborative spirit to implement programs and strategies to form more meaningful partnerships across campus to help our EAGLES achieve successful community integration upon graduation.