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Stephanie Willis

Stephanie Willis

  • Instruction Coordinator — Independent Living

Phone: 334-844-7628
Campus Mail: 282 W Thach Concourse, Ste 136
Office Location: Foy 136-D

Short Bio

Stephanie Willis, M.S. CCC-SLP is the Independent Living Coordinator for the EAGLES Program at Auburn University. Willis, a former Speech-Language Pathologist with the Muscogee County School District (MCSD) completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Currently, she uses her skills to create meaningful experiences and lessons for students in the EAGLES Program at Auburn University to facilitate how they develop independent living skills through teaching activities of daily living and social skills directly in the natural environment. In her role with EAGLES, Stephanie has enhanced the Independent Living Program and created the Golden Broom Challenge to make residence checks fun while increasing skill acquisition. Stephanie believes that she owes it to her students and the community to bring consistency, diligence, and warmth to her job in the hopes that it will ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in others. Willis is originally from Miami, Florida but moved to Auburn in 2013. She and her husband Paul have two children, Emma Katherine and Paul Beckett. She enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, and visiting the Appalachian Mountains in her spare time.

Areas of Responsibility

Independent Living