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Robin Thornburg-Brock

Robin Thornburg-Brock

  • PHED Coordinator - School of Kinesiology

Phone: 334-844-1406
Campus Mail: 301 Wire Road #114, Auburn University, Al 36849
Office Location: KINE 114

Academic Areas

Administration of Supervision and Curriculum
Physical Activity and Health
Physical Activity and Wellness

Short Bio

My main priority is the supervision of our Graduate Teaching Assistants. I train all students who will be teaching courses for our department on proper curriculum, delivery, and professional behavior. I also supervise the content and uniformity across the majority of our PHED courses; the most prominent being our Active Auburn class, and a few KINE courses, with KINE1100: Wellness being the largest of my responsibilities in this area. My ultimate goal is to provide all students who enroll in our courses a fair, fun, and educational experience they would be likely to recommend to their friends.


Areas of Responsibility

  • Graduate Teaching Student (GTA) supervision
  • GTA Training and Orientation
  • GTA monitoring and mentoring (instructional practices, timely communication & grade entry)
  • Course content for PHED courses (upload all modules/content into Canvas for each course)
  • Course content for certain KINE courses (upload all modules/content into Cavas)
  • Active Auburn Supervisor (insures uniformity across all sections; 28 this semester, holds troubleshooting sessions for students experiencing technical issues with required fitness trackers)