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Jane Teel

Jane Teel, Ph.D.

  • Associate Clinical Professor
  • Program Coordinator, Adult Education
  • Director, Training and Workforce Development Minor

Phone: 334-844-3075
Campus Mail: 4036 Haley Center
Office Location: 4002 Haley Center

Academic Areas

Adult Education

Short Bio

Jane B. Teel is an Associate Clinical Professor in the College of Education Dr. Teel has over 25 years of experience teaching and advising in a university setting where her focus is always on the academic success and professional development of students. Teaching methodology, curriculum and program design, instructor immediacy, and understanding adult learners in a variety of settings from postsecondary to the workplace is the emphasis of her teaching and research. Dr. Teel is a board member of the AAACE Commission for International Adult Education.

Professional & Educational Experience

Ph.D. in Adult Education with an emphasis in Higher Education, Auburn University M.A. in Communication B.S. in Speech Pathology Dr. Teel’s professional experience began with her career as a K-12 speech and language pathologist prior to becoming a university instructor and lecturer in the field of communication and public relations where she gained extensive experience in the areas of organizational communication, leadership, and training and development. In 2016 she joined the faculty of the College of Education where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Teel applies her educational background to facilitating training in corporate settings.

Research Interests

  • Nonverbal Immediacy/Instructor Immediacy

  • Training and Development

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Career Development