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Betty Patten

Betty Patten, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Jay and Susie Gogue Endowed Director of the EAGLES Program

Phone: 334-844-8426
Campus Mail: 282 W Thach Concourse Ste 136
Office Location: Foy 136-A

Academic Areas

Special Education

Short Bio

Betty S. Patten, Ph.D., is the Jay and Susie Gogue Endowed Director of the EAGLES Program and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling. Dr. Patten’s research projects include qualitative research on the Positive Choices course, qualitative research on the efficacy of group counseling guidelines for students with intellectual disabilities, assessing the effectiveness of implementing evidence-based practices in an inclusive postsecondary education program, parental involvement and supports, and a comprehensive program evaluation of the EAGLES program. Dr. Patten is originally from Montgomery, Alabama. She moved to Auburn in 2006 and never left. She is married to the other Dr. Patten, Austin, who is a veterinarian. Together they have one son, Dudley (3), and one daughter, Palmer (1). Fun fact, she has an identical twin sister and Dr. Patten helps her husband raise Texas Longhorn cattle, is a sushi fan, and is an avid coffee drinker.