Our program prepares students for a career in agricultural education through outreach training and field experiences in content areas such as animal science, horticulture, agronomy and soils, agricultural economics, agricultural mechanics, forestry, environmental science, and related fields.


Our program prepares classroom teachers in Business/Marketing Education through a hands-on, project-based setting. Students will achieve industry credentialing including, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.


Our program provides best practices for teaching young children from pre-kindergarten through grade 3, including curriculum development, developmentally appropriate practice, diversity, and advocacy.


Our program prepares teachers to provide appropriate learning experiences that meet the needs, capabilities, and interests of children in grades K-6.


Our program provides a deeper understanding of traditional and non-traditional ways of teaching and learning secondary English Language Arts through hands-on, applied practice.


Our program prepares future educators to teach English language learners to ensure their success.


Our program prepares teachers through the study of world language acquisition theory and applied classroom practice.


Our program prepares secondary mathematics educators through research-based instruction and innovative field experiences.


Our program prepares K-12 music teachers through collaborative partnerships with local schools and hands-on experiences.


Our program prepares classroom and instructional leaders and literacy experts in evidence-based literacy practices.


Our program prepares secondary science teachers to incorporate hands-on experiences, self-evaluation, relevant learning theory, and curriculum development.


Our program prepares secondary social science teachers to engage K-12 students to explore historical and contemporary issues of a democratic society.


Last updated: 12/15/2023