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192nd Infantry Brigrade celebrates historic Discontinuance Ceremony. To read more click the following link: The Discontinuance Ceremony 

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WAT Program 

NATA News video on "A day in the life" in a Warrior Athletic Training Program

WAT program

WAT Program   
WAT Program

Warrior Athletic Training (WAT) program.

The WAT program is currently interviewing potential graduate students for next years WAT program. If you are interested, go to the Dept. of Kinesiology, graduate athletic training program site for more information: http://www.education.auburn.edu/academic_departments/kine/graduatestudents/graduate_ats/index.html

The WAT program is a part of Post-Certification Graduate Athletic Training Program in the Department of Kinesiology at Auburn University. For details on admission, requirements, and how to apply go to our web site: Link

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WAT Program Description

The Warrior Athletic Training (WAT) Program provides identification, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries in our military personnel and includes an integral education/research program.

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WAT provides sports medicine services to Ft. Benning Initial Entry Training (Initial Entry Training Soldiers) Soldiers completing 9 week Basic Combat Training or 14 week One Station Unit Training program. The WAT program has become well known across Ft. Benning, Army Training and Doctrine Command, and other Army departments such as at West Point. This program currently serves over 30,000 Initial Entry Training Soldiers Soldiers and 500 Cadre a year; and saved the Army millions of dollars in medical costs and several hundred thousand hours in lost training time. Additional outreach initiatives have evolved from this program include the Warrior Research Center - an expansion of the original WAT program.

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1) To integrate Certified Athletic Trainers in an Initial Entry Training environment in order to reduce the number of recruits that miss training time to otherwise preventable (primary) or manageable (secondary) musculoskeletal problems, to reduce training costs, develop and implement prevention programs to reduce injuries overall, an assist in the improvement of current Soldier physical and educational training programs.

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2) To establish a relationship with a research institution in order to provide: a) educational outreach for Cadre; and b) access to research capabilities in order to reduce the incidence of injury during Military training.

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