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EERA 2014 Conference
EERA 2014 Jonathan Finch
Jonathan Finch
EERA 2014 Conference in Jacksonville Florida
EERA 2014 Bianca Evans
Bianca Evans
EERA 2014 Latryce Cole and Dr. Nafsaniath Fathema
Latryce Cole and Dr. Nafsaniath Fathema
EERA 2014 Feller Dag and Koc
Marianne Feller, Asli Dag, & Nizam Koc

Thank you for serving! The 2014-2015 Graduate Student Ambassadors are Nighet Ahmed, Keith Barksdale, Hong Shi, and Leonard Towns.

Prospective Students
Academic Programs   l   Application Steps   l  Frequently Asked Questions  
Housing for Graduate Students and Students with Families

Current Students
New to the program?  Here are the Next Steps After Admission and general EFLT Graduate Student Information
Graduate Course Waitlist, Summer 2015
Graduate Course Waitlist, Fall 2015

Graduating Soon? You will need a Plan of Study and a Graduation Check
Making a Conference Presentation?  Here are the Student Travel Procedures and once you return, file the Student Travel Expense Form 

Check out the following links for more resources from the Graduate School:
Master's and EdS Studies Checklist   l   Doctoral Studies Checklist   
Doctoral Dissertation Process and Phases    l    New Graduate School Policies

EFLTLink Listserv - Do you need to subscribe to the EFLTlink listserv?  The EFLTLink listserv provides recent departmental news that can include opportunities, deadlines, graduate assistantships, or academic position vacancies. Here are the steps to subscribe: Subscribing to EFLTLink Listserv 

GTA or GRA - Interested in a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant position? Please know that there are no standing Assistantships available in our department; however, there are occasional positions available so please check with the respective Program Coordinator.  Additional information is available at EFLT GTA/GRA Information  

Plan of Study - Do you need to complete a Plan of Study? Here are the guidelines to create your planner in DegreeWorks.   

Graduation - Here is information about the graduation steps: Graduation Information

Re-entering a Graduate Program - If you have not registered for one semester or more, you will need to complete a Graduate School Readmission Form.  In addition, there is a re-entry process and procedures for those who have completed doctoral coursework some time ago and want to resume the program.  We also recommend that you contact your advisor, Graduate Program Officer, or Department Head.  

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