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EFLT Faculty

Sherida Downer

Downer, Sherida, Department Head (M.A.L.S. Rosary College; B.A. George Williams College), Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology & Educational Media and Technology Program. Teaching Interests: literature and media for children; information access and assessment.  Research Interests: integration of technology into teaching and learning; assessment of information available on the web; success of students using technology in learning situations. 

sheri@auburn.edu  l  4036 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-4460  

Olin Adams

Adams, Olin, Ph.D. - Associate Professor (PhD, Ohio University; MBA, Mount Saint Mary's College; AB, Centre College), Higher Education.  Teaching Interests: business affairs and legal affairs of higher education and of sport.  Research Interests: financial management of higher education and the management of intercollegiate athletics.   

adamsol@auburn.edu   l   4068 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3052    

Carey Andrzejewski

Andrzejewski, Carey, Ph.D. - Associate Professor (Ph.D., M.A., The Ohio State University, M.A., Texas Woman's University, B.S., Berry College), Educational Foundations, Research Methods and Assessment.  Teaching Interests: Social foundations of education, qualitative research methods. Research Interests: Teacher identity and expertise, Teacher-student relationships and classroom culture, dance education curriculum and pedagogy.  

cea0011@auburn.edu   l   4054 Haley Center   l    (334) 844-3012   

Susan Bannon

Bannon, Susan, Ed.D. - Associate Professor, (EdD, Louisiana State; MEd, BSEd, Auburn), School Library/Media Technology. Director, Learning Resources Center.  

bannosh@auburn.edu   l   3402 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-4291

Leslie Cordie

Cordie, Leslie, Ph.D. - Assistant Clinical Professor (PhD, Colorado State University; MBA, The University of Texas at Austin; BSN, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Adult Education. Teaching and Research Interests: distance learning, teaching methods and assessment, professional development and training, and degree completion.  

lesliecordie@auburn.edu    l   4095 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3089

David DiRamio 2007  

DiRamio, David, Ph.D. - Associate Professor & Higher Education Program Coordinator (PhD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; MBA, State University of New York at Buffalo; BS, State University of New York at Buffalo), Higher Education. Teaching Interests: institutional research; assessment & evaluation; student services; university administration. Research Interests: technology's impact on higher education and community colleges.  

diramio@auburn.edu   l   4096 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3065  

Sean Forbes

Forbes, Sean, Ph.D. - Associate Professor (PhD, University of Florida; MA, BA Florida), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics. Teaching Interests: assessment for the public school teacher; human growth and development; teaching diverse population; adolescent development. Research Interests: cognitive, physical, and socioemotional development among adolescents and their relationship to educational experiences; ego-identity development and the learning potential of informal educational settings; classroom assessment exposure of pre and in-service teachers.  

forbesa@auburn.edu   l   4056 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3083  

Jim Groccia

Groccia, James, Ed.D. - Professor (EdD, University of Tennessee; MS Ed, Hofstra University; BA, Hartwick College), Higher Education.  Teaching Interests:  college/university teaching; faculty roles in higher education; paths to the professioriate; academic success strategies; educational psychology.  Research Interests:  comparative higher education; characteristics of effective teaching and teachers; peer review; dimensions of student engagement; impact of faculty development on concepts of teaching and effective practices.  

groccje@auburn.edu   l   4084 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-5038

Daniel Henry

Henry, Daniel,  Ph.D. Assistant Professor (PhD; BS, Indiana University), Educational Psychology. Teaching Interests: educational psychology.  Research Interests: on-line teaching and learning, behavior setting theory applied to classrooms, inclusion of students with special needs in general education classrooms, metaphor and storytelling as teaching tools.  

djh0004@auburn.edu   l   4016 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3068  

Dr. Jung Won Hur

Hur, Jung Won, Ph.D. - Associate Professor (PhD, Indiana University; MEd, BA, Seoul National University of Education), Educational Media. Teaching Interests: technology integration into curriculum; multimedia development; instructional design and development; learning theory. Research Interests: online teacher professional communities; designing online learning environments; designing technology tools for teachers and students.  

jwhur@auburn.edu   l   4076 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3019  

Dr. James Kaminsky

Kaminsky, James, Ph.D. - Mildred Cheshire Fraley Distinguished Professor & Foundations Program Coordinator (PhD, MA, Michigan State University; BA, University of Minnesota),  Social Foundations. Teaching Interests: philosophy of education; American pragmatism; philosophy; educational research. Research Interests: history of educational philosophy; neo-pragmatism in educational thought; post-modern theory in educational administration; political liberalism.  

kaminjs@auburn.edu    l   4090 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3592   

Lisa Kensler

Kensler, Lisa, Ed.D. - Associate Professor & Educational Leadership Program Coordinator. (EdD, Lehigh University; MS Old Dominion University; BS George Mason University) Educational Leadership. Teaching Interests: educational Leadership. Research Interests: ecology of leadership and learning; Teacher leadership; Systems thinking in education.  

lak0008@auburn.edu   l   4002 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3020  

Marie Kraska

Kraska, MariePh.D. - Mildred Cheshire Fraley Distinguished Professor (PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia; MPBS, Auburn University; MS, University of Wisconsin-Stout; BS, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Postdoctoral studies in statistical theory and methods), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics. Teaching Interests: research and statistical methods; measurement of learning; program evaluation.  Research Interests: assessment of perceptions, values, and beliefs of current educational issues such as values associated with work; perception of students with special needs; student achievement and retention; application of statistical theory to practice; effective instructional practices; learner assessment.  

kraskmf@auburn.edu   l   4064 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3806  

        Joni Lakin

Lakin, Joni, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor (PhD, The University of Iowa; BS, Georgia Institute of Technology), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics. Teaching Interests: educational research methods and statistics; educational measurement; instrument development; human abilities. Research Interests: educational measurement; test validity and fairness; English language learners; assessment of individual differences (human abilities, interests, personality). 
jml0035@auburn.edu   l   4032 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-4930

 Larkin, Brittany, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Jose Llanes

Llanes, Jose, Ph.D. - Professor (PhD, BA, University of Havana), Educational Foundations, Leadership, & Higher Education. Teaching and Research Interests: social foundations; organizational leadership and research. Research Interests: quality systems; organizational culture; systems theory; leadership development.  

jrllanes@auburn.edu   l   4080 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3074  

Lynne Patrick

Patrick, Lynne, Ed.D. - Associate Clinical Professor & Instructional Leadership Program Coordinator (EdD, Auburn University, Educational Leadership - Administration of Curriculum and Instruction with Leadership Certification).  Teaching and Research Interests:  instructional Leadership, continuous school improvement, instructional leadership and student achievement, formative assessment and increased student achievement, NCLB & accountability, school culture, school climate, and efficacy.  

rlp0004@auburn.edu   l   4024 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3024

Ellen Reames

Reames, Ellen, Ed.D. - Associate Professor (EdD, Auburn University; EdS, Columbus College; MEd, BS, University of Georgia), Educational Leadership. Teaching Interests: leadership, ethics, curriculum.  Research Interests:  teacher leadership, organizational culture.  

reamseh@auburn.edu   l   4072 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3067  

Margaret Ross

Ross, Margaret, Ph.D. - Professor & Educational Research Methodology and Analysis (ERMA) Program Coordinator (PhD, University of Kansas; MA, University of Missouri; BSE, Northeast Missouri State University), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics. Tteaching Interests: assessment and statistics; educational program evaluation; assessment of complex thinking skills. Research Interests: the role of assessment in relation to other classroom variables to promote student motivation and learning; assessment issues related to effective teaching and educational quality; educational program evaluation; validity and reliability studies.  

rossma1@auburn.edu   l   4018 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3084  

Jill Salisbury Glennon

Salisbury-Glennon, Jill, Ph.D. - Associate Professor & Educational Psychology Program Admissions (PhD, MS, The Pennsylvania State University; BS, State University of New York at Oswego), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics.  Teaching Interests: Educational Psychology and Educational Implications; Learning Theory and Educational Practice. Research Interests: college students' self-regulated learning; motivation; metacognition; collaborative learning; learner-centered approaches to learning and instruction; the effects of relationships on academic achievement.

salisji@auburn.edu   l   4006 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3064  

Linda Searby

Searby, Linda, Ph.D. - Associate Professor (PhD, Illinois State University, Educational Leadership; MS, Eastern Illinois University, Elementary Education; BA, Lincoln Christian University), Teaching Interests: School Principalship, Mentoring, Personal and Professional Development, Action Research. Research Interests: Mentoring for School Leaders, Protegeship, Mentoring in Higher Education.

ljs0007@auburn.edu   l   4075 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-7784  

David Shannon

Shannon, David, Ph.D. - Humana-Germany-Sherman Distinguished Professor (PhD, University of Virginia; BS, Kutztown), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics. Tteaching Interests: methodology and statistics; program and teacher evaluation. Research Interests: student and teacher evaluation; teacher effectiveness; research methodology issues.  

shanndm@auburn.edu   l   4028 Haley Center   (334) 844-3071  

Paris Strom

Strom, Paris, Ph.D. - Professor (PhD, MA, BFA, Arizona State University), Educational Psychology.  Research Interests: learning and development across the life span, learning with technology, school polling of secondary students for school improvement and enhanced educational leadership, teacher education and development, designing and teaching high quality courses for pre-service and in-service K-12 teacher education.  

stromps@auburn.edu   l  4082 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3077   l    Polling   

Dr. Chih-husan Wang

Wang, Chih-hsuan, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor (PhD, MPS, Auburn University; MS, Oklahoma State University; MS, BS, National Cheng-Chi University), Educational Psychology, Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Statistics. Teaching Interests: measurement, research methods, and statistics.  Research Interests: motivation and academic performance in online learning settings and using technology to teach statistics and research methods.

wangchi@auburn.edu     l   4095 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-7986

Ivan Watts

Watts, Ivan, Ed.D. - Associate Professor (EdD, University of Cincinnati; MS, SUNY-Buffalo; BA, Ohio State University), Social Foundations. Teaching Interests: teaching for social justice with the attempt to expose students to a plethora of material that will expand their knowledge base; thus, increasing their involvement in social change. Thereby, providing them with different sets of lenses to view their world. Research Interests: youth and school violence; school desegregation; structural and institutional violence; critical social theory.  

wattsie@auburn.edu   l  3305 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3556

Jim Witte

Witte, James, Ph.D. - Professor & Adult Education Program Coordinator (PhD, University of South Florida; MEd, College of William and Mary; BGS, University of Nebraska), Adult Education. Teaching & Research Interests: adult development and learning; learning styles; assessment; teaching methods; training in industry; post-secondary teaching.  

witteje@auburn.edu   l   4010 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3054

Maria Martinez Witte

Witte, Maria Martinez, Ed.D. - Professor (EdD, University of South Florida; MPA, University of Oklahoma, BS, University of Maryland), Adult Education.  Teaching & Research Interests: analyzing effective content, context, and processes that enhance the teaching-learning environment; learning styles; the assessment of learning; staff development; training.  

wittemm@auburn.edu   l   4012 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3078

 Dr. Sara Wolf

Wolf, SaraPh.D. - Associate Professor & Library Media Program Coordinator & EFLT Graduate Program Officer (PhD, Arizona State University; MEd, Wright State University, BSED, University of Ohio).  School Library Media/Technology. Teaching Interests: pre-service teacher technology; instructional and informational technologies; integrating technology into the curriculum; multimedia and web development.  Research Interests: examining the effectiveness of metacognitive scaffolds in student-centered and open-ended environments; integrating literacy standards and problem-solving models into teaching, software development, and curriculum.   

wolfsa1@auburn.edu  l   4066 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3082  

EFLT Staff

Sheryl Parker

Parker, Sheryl, MPA
Administrator, Academic Programs 
Point of Contact for: Financial Management and Human Resources

szp0008@auburn.edu   l   4044 Haley Center   l    (334) 844-3061

Glenda Hill

Hill, Glenda
Administrative Assistant
Point of Contact for:  Course Registration (Lead) & Class and Classroom Scheduling 

gsh0003@auburn.edu   l   4034 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3066  

 young cynthia web

Young, Cynthia
Administrative Associate

cly0007@auburn.edu    l    4036 Haley Center   l   (334) 844-3062  

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