Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching is to enable all teacher candidates and teachers to understand, utilize, communicate, and appreciate the teaching profession in the world today and view themselves as part of that global community. It is the mission of the department to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to enhance learning among student populations characterized by diversity of individual learning needs, gender, ethnicity, culture, language, and socio-economic status.  Providing an environment that accepts and fosters diversity in our democratic society is essential to the department's mission. Accomplishing this mission requires that teacher educators must be proficient in content knowledge, pedagogy, and stay abreast of current research.

The vision of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching faculty is to prepare teacher candidates and teachers to make reasoned decisions grounded in thoughtfully constructed values related to professional ethics, collaboration, diversity, and intellectual vitality. In addition, departmental faculty members envision teacher candidates and teachers who use reflective thinking as a tool of practice in their development as competent and committed professionals throughout their coursework and teaching career. Recognizing that technology permeates daily life and the elementary classroom, faculty members envision teachers who possess the skills and abilities to incorporate a variety of technologies to manage, evaluate, and improve student learning.  Faculty members believe that it is imperative that all teachers be technologically literate and be comfortable using emerging technologies as problem-solving tools for teaching and learning.  

The Department Curriculum and Teaching's mission, vision, intellectual philosophy, purpose, and commitment to diversity and technology work within the conceptual framework and candidate proficiencies of Auburn University's College of Education.  Program specific courses and requirements reflect the department's commitment to preparing professionals for the unique needs and challenges of teaching a diverse student body. The department emphasizes the systematic analysis and reflection of teaching practices, the commitment to the community of professional partners, and the self-examination of its coursework to better meet the needs of its graduates.


Last Updated: Apr 21, 2013

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